A Handwoven Home is the online shop of weaver and tutor, Olivia Handley. All the items for sale are made in her home studio in Clevedon, North Somerset, UK.

Olivia gathers, colour, texture and fibres together to make practical, beautiful things to line your nest. Making much of the yarn herself, either spinning wool, silk and linen on her trusty spinning wheel, or by making yarns from discarded jersey, plastics and clothing she is able to carefully control and craft the look, feel and texture of her work. This makes many of her designs limited in number.

Creating yarn begins with fibre, the king of which is wool. Sheep’s wool is durable, renewable, biodegradable and yet beautiful, potentially highly coloured, lustrous, both delicate and chunky, a versatile wonder. The UK produces a variety of breeds of sheep with varying wool characteristics that can be selected and blended for the perfect yarn. Olivia draws together wools from across the UK, and sometimes further afield, and blends them primarily with silk and linen (flax) fibres for a textured yarn full of colour variations. Other plant fibres, such as bamboo, nettle, rose, might also creep in, harnessing all their various qualities.

Alongside spinning on a wheel, yarns can be made from discarded jersey (like T shirts), plastic packaging and bags, other fabric scraps and even paper. A variety of materials come together to create visually interesting works, as well being conscious of environmental impact.

Keen to share the joy of weaving and fibre arts, Olivia runs a series of workshops across the North Somerset area and beyond for beginners and improvers alike. Contact us about hosting or joining a workshop.